Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two Seasons In One Day!


How's everyone doin' today. For those of us in the colder climates, you know the cold weather's coming when you experience two seasons in one day. I went out to shoot a wedding today and it was a fairly nice out around the time we shot the wedding, but, by the time we were finishing up shooting some outdoor shots at the reception, you would have thought it was a different time of year! "Oh boy!" did the temperature drop and "I do mean DROP!" "sniff, sniff, goodbye Summer. I will miss you every so dearly." "Waaa!"

Bless The Little Children

Hi folks,
Ya gotta love the little ones. I absolutely love to shoot children. You have to check out these adorable children at a wedding in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The time of day made lighting a bit of a challenge but used in the right way, it can really make an images. It definetly did on this particular day. It made the children look like lil' angels.

Maine Wedding

Hello, hello, hello. Anita here. I want to thank you for stopping by my blog today. In spite of the cold weather, New England is quite a wonderful place. It is magical and an especially beautiful backdrop setting for weddings. I shot a really nice couple who were married at cute little place in Maine. Amazingly enough, it was not that cold on that particular day which work out great because some of the images were shot on the a beach not too far from the venue for the wedding & reception.
I had a really good time. Here is just a small sampling of what was shot that day.


RPL Knitter's club

In between weddings, I volunteered my time, so I could meet with a wonderful group of gals twice a week to socialize, have a laugh and possibly make new friends while knitting and crotcheting for various charities. The total tally was over 1,000 items that were created, donated and ship out around town to shelters, food banks, hospitals and many more to help others in need including our homeless furry friends. So they too could be warm and have a happy holiday this year. In the picture above is the beautiful lady who arranged it all being interviewed for the local paper, Doris Breton. She was wonderful person.

I was glad to be a part of it and look forward to do it again next year.

Fun at The Red Barn

"The DeFranzos really know how to have some serious fun...seriously!" There was some real movin' and grovin' at the ole barn tonight.
I had a great time shooting their wedding and they were an amazing group of people.

Quote of The Day

There's family and then there's FAMILY. There's friends and then there's associates or acquaintances.

"We may not always remember everything about someone, but, always remember how they make you feel...good or bad, happy or sad, if they listen and if they were supportive...because when it comes down to it, its what REALLY matters most."