Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Done, done & done'r!" Wooo Hooo!!!

Today was my very last day at school. I am now a college graduate. The very first in my family. I have achieved the once thought unthinkable of goals. I have procastinated, put-off and doubted my ability to even go to college let alone finish. Every time I tried to move forward in life; life got in the way in some form or fashion. It was a long road and a very hard road. At times it seem like a very lonely dark tunnel I didn't think I would ever see the light of day shining through, showing me the way "but" with the love, help and support of my children along with my very close, supportive, and, very dear friend, John. I have arrived! It wasn't easy but here I am.

"Look out world, here I come!" I am a woman on a mission to fulfill a dream of acomplishments; laying a foundation for my children that shows them it can be done no matter the obstacles, a road to assist others while giving back to my community and with my partner in crime by my side, both of us volunteering, working, suceeding and proving the nay-sayers wrong; the possibilities are endless.

Thank you very, very much boys for your love, support and patience. Thank you too, John, my partner in crime, for being there for me. It made all the difference in the world and I love you all for it.


Happy Birthday, Christien

Happy Birthday, my darlin'

You are my shining star. You are always there when I am feeling bad and you've always sense it even if I don't say anything, even when you were very young. You are the one that does his best to keep everyone together when things get bad. I love you and I appreciate your willingness to make things right when you've done wrong with your sincere apology. You are now a young man, who will achieve greatness in this world. You may not always have confidence in your abilities but I believe in you, honey. I know you will suprise everyone who has not seen in you what I see in you, a winning achiever, mediator and leader. Your artistry, writing skills, and knack for computers will take you very far in this world of technology.

Stay strong "elite"