Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The End of an Era

Well folks, my youngest is in his last year of high school and track season has come to end; the City Meet has taken place a few weeks back and for my two boys, Christien and Brandon, it will not be repeated. It is an end to era that in some ways will be sorely missed.

Yes, it involved long drives, a great deal of expenditure in expenses for gas, food, even admission and gear, it will not replace the joy, experience and pride in seeing the evolution, stride and accomplishments both as individuals and a team as a whole.

I was glas I was a part of it and was able to capture a life time of memories for both them, their team and others to see and shares for years to come in both photographs and video footage.

Below are the last photos that will ever be taken of Christien in a Central High School track uniform but hopefully may not be the last time running. This image where taken at the Gatsas City Meet Championship at Memorial High School where he won several medals. He is only wearing one of many in the shot. There is also an image of his older brother, Brandon, volunteering at the event to help out his former coach and team at the event.

There are many more images from the event on the Central High School fan page on Facebook; a link is below the images. You can also see footage of past event involving the boys with their team mates also on YouTube on Estello's Best Channel as well.

On the behalf my boys and along with myself, I would like to say thanks to the Central Track & Field team member both past and present for all the memories. You will be sorely missed.
                                                                                                                       ~The Johnsons

Inspiration Found in a Suprising Place

As you may have seen in previous post; both the boys run track. They have a great coach but who knew how wonderful and inspirations he really was both as an individual and coach to them.

Well, Dick's Sporting Good found out just how much and featured him (and the entire track team; including my boys whom I am also very proud of) in their online promotion. It is a story that will bring one to tears and can inspire anyone no matter who they are or what they do..."You will be moved."

The link is posted on the a page I posted for their school's with other accomplishments for the school's sport teams and performance including photos from last year when the football team did an All Star expedition game against other high school football team to raise money for medical program.

Go to check out the inspirational story and stay to look around other photos and videos as well...and do not forget to like us on Facebook, please.


Monday, May 20, 2013

This past weekend on Friday, my son's high track and field team had their annual City Meet where young adults from different local schools come together for not just the last chance to qualify for the state meet, later in the year, but also for the one last chance of seeing friends from other school district and good fun; sorta. Everyone "is" competitive and still want to win in their individual events and have their group take home the big cup trophy. There is also a trophy for the two gender groups as well.

There are too many images to upload here but follow the link below the page I created for them to see all the photos I take and also other images donated to site from other photographs taken at the event.

They all did a wonderful job! Congratulations to Central High track & field team member and their coaches along with the parent who make the many sacrifices for their children to participate in the many event spread out ALL over the state each and every year and even twice a year, if they do indoor track too (maybe more often if their child(ren) also do other sports as well. Here's to the parent!