Monday, January 28, 2013

Charcoal Duck, a work in progress

During my charcoal drawing class last year, I had begun doing a drawing involving little baby geese or duck, I do not remember which, but being new to doing charcoal and time allot to complete the assignment, I knew I had to make a conscience decision to pick another subject in order to get my homework turned in on time. It has always been my intention to go back and finish it but I actually forgot about it until I found this photo I took of it; oddly enough, you get a great non-bias perspective of your work to check how it is coming along, if you take a photo of it. So a quick tip, if you are working on painting or drawing and do not have someone to give you a second opinion (or honest one) how it is coming along; take a picture. It really works.

Here is how far I have gotten with it. It is all charcoal on color paper. However, I will point out, this image is only a segment of a much larger sheet of paper, as you can see by the white line on the right.

If you like to see more of charcoal work like the Siberian Husky I did turn for the class assignment, other watercolor work and photograph, swing over to website too see even more of work.

Knitting One & Purling too

Below are some toys created after taking a really cool knitting course. It was a first for me. Honestly, I was reluctant and hesitant to spend money for class when there are so many free ways to learn from sources like YouTube videos which are very good because you get you. However, if you are looking to do a certain project or more specific details like a pattern because if many YouTube video knitting and crochet lesson may refer back to a specific pattern either they sell or assume you would already have and just need help doing. So when one particular online source had a sale, I decided "Why not?"

Note: This is not a promotion for the online source but if you would like more information about the online site, feel free to leave a comment asking and I will be glad to share it with you. I am also holding off on mentioning them so I can email them and see about them giving students discounts for referal; course and material can be costly, if student are telling people are about course, directly or indirectly by wearing or gift giving, they should be rewarded for marketing "their" products. Many other business do it so why not them where it would really count, right? "Right!"

Any who, here are the three cuties. In the photo below, you will see the toys created with some before and after also knitting sweaters for them. This was a big challenge and accomplishment for me. I had never knit a toy or knit with more than color either. Creating these guy accomplished both. In knitting the sweater, I also learned how to create a sweater in a way never done before as well and new easy ways to do things I had already know how to do. I also learned a new knitter's technique; the Kit
Meet "Bob" the bunny
 "Brr, please cloth us!" 
 "Ah, so nice and warm but oh so lonely, where's my bud?"
 "Ta-da!" All done and dress warm. They could not pose with bunny comrade because he was already given as a gift to an expectant mom-to-be. So he was not lonely either.

Watercolor experimenting

Well, sigh, I was not able to attend school this semester; politic and fights for rights do not just happen in government and with highly publicized issued. I had just gotten to the point where I was only taken art classes too where I knew I would excel and finally bring my GPA back up from the slump it was forced into when an instructor, too lazy to do their job, decided to give me a low grade because he did not want to go through the massive amount of research paper and other document "he" told us we would need to turn in with our completed project. Giving a low grade for something he claimed I did not turn in when he never opened the sealed envelope (to keep it from falling out of a bigger unsealed envelope.

After taking a watercolor course last semester, I continue to practice and experiment with different paints, techniques and tools to paint a subject. I also want to push myself to paint (and draw things) I have never done before so I can get to where I need to be; skill-wise to begin working a children's book I have begun working on a few years ago along with some other projects.

Here are some those trial and error experiments with watercolor.

 This particular barn painting with a stain glass window over the front door, was inspired by a scouting shoot I was doing for a class assignment. While I was out, a very nice lady approached me and inquired what I was doing, I had explained to her I was scouting building, structures and architectures for a painting class assignment. This painting was done from one of those photograph taken.
 The following two photos are the WIP (work-in-progress) and final presentation of self challenge to do a painting of my dog, Molly, I took a few years back of her looking out the window one wintry day. The bright light of snow outside and no lights ons inside that morning, created an appealing silhouette that enhanced and inspired me to take the photograph. The painting was done in my watercolor journal where I also have a profile of Molly already sketched out I also plan to do sometime in the near future.