Friday, September 30, 2016

Adonna's Cabled Scarf

Earlier this year my sister ask I knit her a hat similar to the one she saw I had knit for my mother which has cable stitches in the design. Her birthday was coming up so I thought I would go one step further and also include a scarf as well. However, I could not find an infinity scarf pattern with cable or even a regular scarf with cable stitches in it that I like...or in general. So I pick up my pencil and paper and went to work to not only make my own design but to write it down to share with others.

Here is that pattern and some pictures of it during the beginning stages, when it was block (stretch to be the finish shape and proper even length on all four sides) before the two end were connected to make it the infinity scarf it is now.

I should point out, the hat shown in one of the photos, is NOT my design. It is a pattern used that was created by another knitter. I will add a link to it in the future (when I remember where I got it from, I have several hat pattern but I am currently not at home while typing this article so I cannot look it up and add it today but will be adding it soon. I will update this blog accordingly).

Note: This is my first written pattern, if there missing information or any errors, please feel free to leave a comment and/or ask questions. If necessary, I will add those correction and/or note, as well.

The scarf being block (shape) before connecting the end to create
the infinity look

The finish scarf shown with a matching hat, a pattern from
another designer

The adventure begins with a provisional cast on
and marker to keep track of cables and ribbing

Click here to download the Adonna's Cabled Ribbed Infinity Scarf pattern