Sunday, December 9, 2012

Amazon Buyers Beware!

As promised; not really in a good way (to the horrible seller on Amazon when I said I will put the word of mouth out on every possible social media and then some), if you are looking to buy anything on the Amazon Market Place website....DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT buy anything from a seller named, "whypaymoremedia" aka
Jordan Nima
95A Mal drive
Lindenhurst NY 11757

Because the service and morality of business is severely lacking! They are not forthcoming, their customer service is horrendous and manners when they finally reply in an email is insulting to say the least and that's putting it mildly!
If you do buy from them and have to return it, they will NOT cover shipping (even if they should), they WILL charge a restocking fee and encourage you to use a tracking or delivery confirmation not because they are looking out for your best interest but probably because if you don't, they may deny even getting the item so you they don't have give you your credit after all the hell they put you through.