Friday, November 14, 2014

Putting The Best Foot Forward...

In a cozy pair of knit cabled slippers.

It took sometime (and some procrastinating) but finally bit the bullet and upload a how-to on YouTube.
This particular lesson has been in the works for over a year almost; having a how-to creative channel has been longer.

It is a very satisfying feeling to finish a project. I get and have seen many questions about tips on how to finish (or sew) this one in particular project I shared in a well known Raverly craft community. The project is Drop Design's Lil' Red Riding slipper on the Garnstudio website.

I have to agree, the pattern is somewhat vague and confusing to understand let alone knit. I myself am more of a visual learner rather than an analytical one. So you could imagine my delight to find a video to clarify the rock science of knitting instructions. However, I was equally disappointed that some steps along the way (in the video) were left out. As a scroll down to read comments from other viewers on YouTube, I saw I was not alone. There were others who also desire to see the steps not include for viewing. I did figure out how to fill the gaps of missing information on my own but also decided to record the process to share with others so their troubling mind on how to fill the void of missing visual could be answered as well. The link below is answer so many, including myself, are looking for. Or at least I hope it will be the answer for others.

You can also click the following words that are links to the following:
 Click on the words "Free Pattern" for the Lil Red Slipper (on the Garnstudio website)
Click on the words, "Cabled Slipper" to view more pictures of the Lil Red Slipper as the slipper was being created. Here the video: