Monday, August 24, 2009

Laughter Rx

Laughter; a natural multi-purpose rememdy for
pain, weight-loss,lack of muscle tone
and complimentary to enjoyment;
easily obtained without prescription.

It is also a drug-free way to feeling good.

They come in all doesages (listed in strength from weaker to strongest)

Smile Maker: spontaneous inner glow shown in the form of human facial expression & LOL's online text.

Chuckle(s): small incremental burst.

Actual Laugh Out Loud: spontaneous audio as oppose to a Smile Maker. It is stronger than a "Chuckle" but weaker than "The Belly Laugh".

The Belly Laugh: stronger than an Actual Laugh and more genuine than a Chuckle.

The Brought-to-Tears: an explosive, compulsive and uncontrolling continuous laugh that literally brings a you to tears and can be often followed by high pitch squealing.

Taken as needed but necessity not required.

Estello's Best yet

Monday, August 17, 2009

Updated pics of the boys

Alrighty, it has taken a while (3 years to be exact) before I could get updated pictures of both my boys together but I manage to do it back in May while we were hiking a trail. "Whew!" They not so incline to get their pictures taken anymore; "teens." LOL

Christien in concert June 2009

Christien had a concert at school. This is the last of the images of I have him before graduating from the middle school. My baby can't be called my baby anymore. He will be moving onto high school with his big brother.

"....and so it begins."

Boston Science Museum

"Gotta love Beantown!" Back in June. I went into town to visit a friend but had to take a detour, while I waited, I thought I would make the most of my time by capturing a shot of the famous Science Museum on the Charles River near the Boston Esplande.

Flowers for Liz

A good friend of mines loves photos of flowers. Although, we don't live in the same state making it hard to give her flowers in person, the wonderment of the internet has made it possible to share them in another way with her and others.

Here you are Liz.

Celebration in Antrim, NH

There was a lot of fun & love at my friend's, Cordelia. They were celebrating a birthday, anniversay and include a friend's celebration; all rolled into one great time for everyone!