Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nature & Irony

I saw this beautiful scenery which was also very funny. Check out the snow mobile sitting amongst the daisies.
Ialso found this tiny frog hidding out in the bushes while I was working in the yard. I headed inside, grab my camera hoping he would still be there when I got back and low-n-behold to my greatest satisfaction; he was. I wasn't so lucky with a miniture size moth that resembled a monarch. "Boo hoo."

Monday, May 18, 2009

2008 Fiscal Year images-Awesome template

A good friend let me have a great disc with new templates to use with my images to create these one of kind creations. A little tweek here, some changes here & there and well-la! Side note: credit is due to Graphic Authority, the creator of the original template(s).

Hello my web neighbors,
I am sorry I have been out of sorts. I had full plate overflowing with "to-do's"; moving, going back to college-again, helping the children adjust and everything in between. I finally buckled down after final to put together a collect of choice images above from last year weddings...more will follow along with a slideshow on my website at very soon.