Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pleasure Bay, S. Boston, MA

Woo, hoo, baby!
I was really glad to catch some shots of Kite sufers and Wind sail surfers this past Friday on April 26. Especially since when I rode a couple buses and train coming all the way from out of state to try capturing some pictures last summer, I wasn't able to get any!
I give koodos to Chad, his friends and others out there doing their thing in such frigid temperatures. I barely manage to be out for the time I was on the shore taking pictures. I am imagine it had to a lot colder in the high winds with the occasional fall into the water as a result of those dying winds. "Well done, guys!"
I hope to see you all out there again on next visit into town.
The images here is just a small handful of what I am able to capture but I also have a slideshow of additional images at my website

Surfing the wind of Pleasure Bay, Boston, MA

Woo, woo, baby

I caught some nice shots of some pretty cool guys catching air this past weekend on Friday, April 26th. I took pictures of Chad and some of his friends kite surfing. I also got some shot of three other guys windsurfing too. It was incredibly cold out. I give koodos to those guy enjoy their sport in such frigid water temperatures. I don't even think I was out for half hour shooting them. I tried get out there earlier when the sun was out but I waiting for sister. I gave up waiting and heading out to shoot some pictures. I was driving own the road when I saw kites gliding in the air and made an immediate detour praising myself for following my instinct to drive the road I had not originally plan on driving down to shoot the city scape skyline. I figure the skyline will always be there (the building won't be moving anytime soon, right?) but last year when I came all the way from out of town on a couple of buses and a train to shoot kite surfers only to see there was no one (winds weren't strong enough I guess but it was a beautiful day), I'd chose to go shoot the kite surfers. You can view it at slideshow on my website:

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National Teenagers Pageant

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while. I did some work for a non-profit shooting girls for National Teenager pageant winners and contestants. It was quite interesting venture. It has also been a lot of work, hence, the time offline for a while. But I am back and this was one of the many things I had been doing lately.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

OpenSourcePhoto: Please help me solve this problem...#links#links

OpenSourcePhoto: Please help me solve this problem...#links#links

Well, DJ it is quite simple, but, are you willing to do what is necessary, is the real question? You just have to choke on a game or at least a frame or two. Let a ball gutter. It's all 'bout the fun and socializing, right?... "Nah!" I know, I know. I'm not sure what you can do there, sweetie. I guess you're just gonna have to wing it and play it by ear. Don't do anything to drastic, I guess.

I know, I'll ask another guy (my 14 yrs hormone-ly charge and brutely honest, son, hold-on I'm calling my son into the room..). He said buy them dinner too. He's into having girls for friends now and wouldn't say something like "Destroy them all!" if he were playing Halo with his male counterparts. So he suggested buy them ice cream. I ask my son, "what about, buy them ice cream w/real ice in it (a small piece of jewelry, ha, ha, ha)? He just shook his head and said he had no idea. Sorry, D. I tried. But your friends would probably love my idea. ;-*

-your friend NH from the January superbowl seminar, Anita (who's still waiting to see the pic you took of us, by-the-way :-) You'll remember when you see my pic on my blog or website on the the About Us page).

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