Thursday, December 4, 2014

Top It Off

What better way to cover up and stay warm...well, cover up one's head any way, now that the first snow has fallen here on the East Coast but with a super-duper warm, soft, and comfy ear flap hat.

This cute item is a first knit. I knit this ear flap hat for the first time and pretty happy with the finish product. It is knit slightly larger on purpose for better coverage not just over the ears but also the back of the neck and under the chin like an attached mini cowl. The braid ties are the perfect finishing touch for a perfect snug fit every time it is worn.

For the knit enthusiast or just plain curious, a link is below to the Raverly website with more detail about the cozy knit hat including a link to the pattern. A video tutorial will soon follow so check back here (and there) often for updates. "happy crafting".

Ear flap hat on

Friday, November 14, 2014

Putting The Best Foot Forward...

In a cozy pair of knit cabled slippers.

It took sometime (and some procrastinating) but finally bit the bullet and upload a how-to on YouTube.
This particular lesson has been in the works for over a year almost; having a how-to creative channel has been longer.

It is a very satisfying feeling to finish a project. I get and have seen many questions about tips on how to finish (or sew) this one in particular project I shared in a well known Raverly craft community. The project is Drop Design's Lil' Red Riding slipper on the Garnstudio website.

I have to agree, the pattern is somewhat vague and confusing to understand let alone knit. I myself am more of a visual learner rather than an analytical one. So you could imagine my delight to find a video to clarify the rock science of knitting instructions. However, I was equally disappointed that some steps along the way (in the video) were left out. As a scroll down to read comments from other viewers on YouTube, I saw I was not alone. There were others who also desire to see the steps not include for viewing. I did figure out how to fill the gaps of missing information on my own but also decided to record the process to share with others so their troubling mind on how to fill the void of missing visual could be answered as well. The link below is answer so many, including myself, are looking for. Or at least I hope it will be the answer for others.

You can also click the following words that are links to the following:
 Click on the words "Free Pattern" for the Lil Red Slipper (on the Garnstudio website)
Click on the words, "Cabled Slipper" to view more pictures of the Lil Red Slipper as the slipper was being created. Here the video:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Foliage...

... also transcends its kaleidoscope of color; dancing and popping into dishes (drinks and deserts) during the most colorful season of the year...the fall.

"A nice thing about the fall season, is the the harvest. There are so many beautiful dishes cook at this time of year that are so colorful, full of flavor, and smell absolutely amazing. The side dish I got to cook with my team mate, Mark, who help prep the food, is one of those beautiful dishes. It's is Kale with peppers. Also included was Swiss Red Chards. It came out so well, I brought some Kale and Chards to make some tonight for a dinner side dish".
                                                                                                              - a Facebook comment

Much like looking out the window, driving down the road or standing on a mountain trail, you see so many different colors amongst the tree all around you during the fall season in New England. However, it does not stop there. We see fall foliage in the harvest of plenty in so many other ways like the food we cook today at the NH Food Bank in vegetable side dish; a Kale with Garlic & Peppers dish. It is a dish cook with Red Swiss Chards, Kale, Green Peppers and Garlic. They are few ingredients with many colors. The vibrant red bursting through the veins of the Red Swiss Chards, the stems from the same plants are a color wheel of red, yellow, green pink and white. Mine you, this is only the take on just one of the ingredients. " Is not a sight?!" Do not take my word for it...let the images below, speak for themselves. 

Note: The images you are about to view where taken and edited on my cellular phone; I cannot take photo with a camera it is a classroom and all silly-nilly. We gotta get dishes cook. "Phfff!" ;-)

Outside of contrasting deep leafy greens poking out, all these color came from the one vegetable; the stem of various Red Swiss Chards

The one leaf resembles a tree trunk rich with deep red hues 

Look at this, wow! It immediately catches your eye, doesn't it?

Monday, September 29, 2014

More Than 1 Way to Skin a Cat...

...or cut a bird; poultry bird that is. Or should I say, "A chicken".  If you have not read my blog in a while, I should first catch you up. I am taking a culinary class. I am fours weeks into to an eight week program learning about culinary and safety for commercial cooking. In the class we cut a whole chicken in different manners; a more traditional breakdown of poultry: legs, wings, thighs and breast. The second lesson is where things got interesting and new. The cut is a "Statler Breast" cut. The knife handling class is taught by visiting Chef Paul, Head Chef of Mountain Spirits Tavern located inside Mountain Edge Resort in Sunapee, New Hampshire. Below is a link with some interesting facts about how taking a part of chicken in this fashion got its name. It is a good read even if it is found on Wikipedia. Ha ha ha Sorry. I just find it a tad bit funny because wiki is just NOT the most reliable source for information but that's a story for another time. This is is about a bird and its elegant cut; Startler Breast. "Onto the link"...Statler Breast chicken cutting style.

Cutting demonstration is about to begin

The stars of the show

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Two Great Causes a good way

The NH Food Bank's Recipe for Success culinary instructor with the aid of a few students from the culinary course volunteer to help him cater the 7th Annual Inspred Recovery event event for graduating addiction step program hosted by the NH Art Institute at the French building, Friday night. The event itself was from 5p to 11pm and NH Food Bank gladly is catering from 5p to 7p. However, we did not leave at 7p; still going strong after 7p to help the event continue to be a great success.
Not a fan of them but these are biggest and best hot dogs

Last horah selfie of the crew

Before the magic begins; we prepare

Less five minutes; all setup and ready

Local performer doing a sound and light test

Cannot leave without a group shot

...and one more with our insructor, Chef Jayson
The place where magic is taking place..."The French bldg"; a NH Art Institute campus

Behind the scenes earlier in the week, ingredients are made Pasta Salad for the event

Tomatoes are also clean and ready to prepare for a dish

Cookies are a part of the menu in this behind the scene image

Dozens of cookes are baked and waiting

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Take A Look Around...

...we often may live somewhere but never truly experience what it has to offer. It can be right up under our noses and not cost a single dime to see. This is the experience for New Hampshire residents visiting in and around the downtown Manchester area...look around and this is a small taste of the view...various electrical boxes are canvas for local artist work.

Right place at the right time gave way to seeing this artist coming and continuing her work on this box, "Woo hoo!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remember Where's Waldo?

It is a children games in print where you have to find this skinny little man wearing a red and white stripe shirt wearing a hat and glasses hiding in the crowd as children read and learn about different geographical locations. Well, I like to go kayaking. "Where's Waldo" came to mind when I took this one particular shot in a red kayak. That image as well some others are what you are about to view.

 The wind did blow and water choppy like open sea
 Where's Waldo? :-)
 While something are nice to alone; good time are best shared with others; my best friend
Capturing shots of turtles...not so easy this time around

More images from this not-so-calm but fun trip on the water can be seen in a photography gallery by following this link: EsBest photos look for the "Turkey Pond" folder.

Where Have I Been? You Asked...

Keeping busy with quiet a few projects and other things. There has been a lot going on in my home, with my family and in life in general. Some good, some not so good and some just plain bad; to be honest "but" never down or discouraged. I plug on to do what I do best; having something in my hand and some project going or me going somewhere.

Here a link to where you can see some of those projects. click here to see my lastest craft projects
My Lil' Bunny Twins. I have a lots more project and will upload more as I complete them.

The make for wonder li' Easter gifts but I do miss them so. "I gotta make more." Did not have that much light brown yarn, though...hmmm

Monday, March 31, 2014

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained...

So as many know and some may not know, I have a very strong passion for capturing life moments with a unique eye; freezing moments in times to share with others as well as for my own person enjoyment. What many do not know, is I also like to relax with a ball of yarn and a pair of needles; it is quiet relaxing and very me! If it were not for the crocheting I was able to do while on bedrest during a very long and complicated pregnancy with my first son, I probably would have lost my mind with a whole new spin on cabin fever that would make Jason look humble. ha ha

Any who. Knitting and crocheting is something I have always known how to do for a very long time and continue to do 'til this very day. My preference to do it is during the winter months when like most, activities outdoor due to harsh weather conditions are greatly minimized. I also like to create items to donate to charities and as gifts.

My preference over the past few years however is  knitting. If I am not drawing or painting, I am knitting something...or two.

My most recent project was a pair of baby booties to resemble a popular and fashionable Ugg boots.

A lovely YouTuber by the name of iKnit publish a how-to video that help me a great deal in the creation of these Uggs made out of two soft and stylish fibers; suede and baby soft yarns. iKnit has many videos for both knitters and anyone that can crotchet or want to learn either of the two crafts. click here for Boy's Ugg bootie tutorial.

These Uggs are for my grand daughter, Imani. She is an amazingly cute little one year old that is already walking.  In the video the Uggs are made with a button closure. However, these shoes have a velcro closure. I must point one thing, the bottom of Uggs are not grundy or dirty. It is plastic coating  to prevent the sole from slipping on hard surfaces. The plastic spray comes in various colors and I like to use a clear coat but the hardware store only had gray and white. The white would not coat evenly so I had to get the gray. The bottom of shoes are generally dark anyway for I figure, "What the heck, right? I hope her mother likes them and they fit.

The Uggs sole side up shortly after being treated with plastic coating
 Another angle to show how the Uggs are coated
A how-to will be coming soon a YouTube video soon
 Dried, finished and ready
 Uggs upright from one side
 On display for the day
 Lastly, a close-up shot of the dried and coated sole

Strongly considering to begin a Esty online store to sell hand knit and crotchet items in the near future; a new adventure is on the horizon.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Elephant In The Room

I had absolutely NO IDEA whatsoever that something like this happen in history...why was I not taught this instead of...cough...some dude...cough,
Christopher...claiming to find a land with "people" I might add not "savages" already living there! Seriously?

As a photographer, there is not only a love for being behind the camera and capturing images and moment; freezing them in time but also to witness the work of others and marvel. Both in the form of still, animation and of course, cinematography; movies.

While promoting products is not my thing and probably will not happen again on my blog; this is not so much as a plug to promote a movie as it is a push to educate and inform on an important (and unknown) piece of history. So yeah, I'll say it...go watch it. I know I will.
The movie poster based on a true events
Image via Forbes website

Photo via Parade magazine website
Actual photograph of the real Monument Men

Oh, watch what? You wonder and how did I find out about this missing part of history; GMA, Good Morning America...? I like them on Facebook and get some pretty interesting media post from time to time. This is one of those times. Don't get me wrong. I should be a clear in saying, this is not the first time I heard about this movie. I did see the trailer when I went to see another movie. But at the time, of course, I could not share a link and had no reason, it was only a movie trailer. I also did not know at the time when I watch the trailer which I infer to be a possible good war drama with some comedy but had had no idea at all that it was a based on an actual event! That, was the clincher for sharing the movie and interview with the cast done on GMA.
Click (the words) link below to see the missing but very good history lesson; a clip in the interview.

Monument Men cast interview on GMA

To see the full trailer, click here