Sunday, November 17, 2013

How Can I Say No?

A trip to Ogunquit, Maine to walk along the beach during a nice fall day in November.
These are some of the best of those photos. Of course of the photos taken that day have been uploaded to photography folder/gallery on EsBest Artwork & Photography by just clicking on the name shown in blue text. On the way to the beach I also stopped at what I feel is the best kitchen supply store with a functioning sit-in cafe; Stonewall Kitchen. But that story my friends, is material for another blog post that just happen to be right below this one. So after you are done enjoying the best of these photos, scroll on down to read and see what else in store from this nice walk on the beach trip, okay?

Wouldn't Granny Be Impressed?

 I live close enough to walk over to my friends I know, who unexpectantly ask me if I would like to go with them to beach…out of state (although just next door to New Hampshire where I live) to Maine of all places. A place I like to go but do not go often enough. So of course, I said yes. They even stop by my home so I could grab my camera. "Yeah!" On the way, I got another surprise. A pit stop at a location I have never heard of or been too...Stonewall Kitchen. While they have a several locations, this one is located in York, Maine. It is amazing inside to see the place in its kitchen like setup; working kitchen sink and stove included. On every wall there are samples of every category and kind from sauces seen in the picture below, to jams and jellies and so much more. It boggles the mind how much stuff and things you can see in the store of kitchen gadgets, food, candies and kits to make delicious foods using ingredients of the all natural-all homemade and locally supplied food items lining the wall and in the middle of the floor. But hold the phone because it does not stop there! Connected to this masterpiece chock full of eye candy; literally speaking. Is also a well size cafe where you could have a nice lunch or breakfast meal…or even a quick snack if you that is what you prefer. But do not take my word for it. If you are ever in any one of the three seacoast area of Newburyport, Massachusetts, Portsmouth, New Hampshire or York, Maine, be sure to stop by Stonewall Kitchen and see…and taste for yourself. 
Your taste buds will surely thank you. I know mines did. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rising to the Challenge

While I do not consider myself a novice knitter, I had yet to make any kind of garment, which in many way defines a knitter's abilities…in some ways but it could be debated. But on a personal note, it is my own personal goal to say that I have knitted a garment. Now, I can proudly say, "Yes, I have knit a garment." I challenged myself to not only knit a garment but for me, a hooded sweater with an opening, made from piece-work would definitely prove myself…to myself…that I have truly grown as knitter.

I present, the Biker Jacket. Ta-dah! It work with Lion Brand Thick & Quick Oatmeal and Wood (colors). What'cha think? Pretty cool, huh? I now feel accomplished…and for my next hurdle; "a lace shawl! …or rather any lace stitch, in general, regardless of the pattern it is the obstacle for me to overcome next time around.
"Stayed tuned."