Monday, August 26, 2013

"What a way to spend the day!"

This past weekend on Saturday, August 24, 2013, I got to spend the day kayaking on the beautiful and calm Lower Mystic River in Arlington, Massachusetts with my brother. It was a wonderful experience and the weather was absolutely wonderful!

I hope, during the last few days of summer, I get to kayak there again. In the meantime,  here are some the small select of what I would consider the "best of" shots I was able to capture during our excursion that day.

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Hooksett Block Party

Party, party, party! The town of Hooksett, New Hampshire had a block party on Tuesday, August 20, 2103. What an event. It was a event full of fun, food and refreshment as well as games for the children. All this fun and excitement would not have been possible if it where not for the aid of some sponsors like 95.7 WZID radio station and so many other sponsors as well.  Here are a few (of many) photos from the event. While I have not include all the photographs from that day, there are photos of sponsors, guests and vendors, who either sponsored or provided the food, drinks and entertainment for children. They all helped make the block party and the day itself, be entertaining, fun, and even you can say...well...delicious because food and refreshments were exactly that delicious!
If you would like to see all the photos taken, please visit my online gallery at Deviant Art with a folder specifically for photos along with some of my other work as well. Just following (or copy and paste) this link:
EsBest gallery

 A young girl play the Plinko type game at the Heritage Family credit union table
 Amazing greek style beef samples where supplied by Amphora
 As the sun sets, the crowd builds
 A young hockey fan give a hi-five to Manchester Monarch mascot who was dancing up a storm
 Chef, Joesph DVareckas of both Green House catering done through the Country Tavern is cooking their famous "Happy Hour" sliders for party attenders
 "Try our Happy Hour slider burgers" (with a side of coleslaw) written on the black bottle on well dress table for Country Tavern. A restaruant rumored to be haunted that also is the home of the Green House catering service as well
 A party-goer mom and her two daughter use a table to input their information at the Palace Theatre table
 Dennis "The Menace" Cousins of Unique Ford is also a performer and owner of Dennis The Menace Acoustics, provide live music for party attendees
 Holly Daigle, owner of Kona Ice, smiles and waves hello for the camera. It worth noting that the numbers seen in the lower right of the images, is how much money she has donated to the community. Although, at the time of this photo, she said it should be updated to the current number $15,000 donated
 Jennifer Rossin, Palace Theatre representative, provides party goers with other entertainment options
 Jon Haeck & Regina Laskowski, give out full size energy bars, hair care product and many other nice samples along with a wonderful temporary VIP pass to the Workout Club at their table
 Little Kyaover Sares (apologies if the spelling is wrong) is happily enjoying Hawaiian shaved ice from Kona as smiled for the camera as daddy, David Sores (not shown) gives out sub samples for Nadeau's Subs
 The dancing Manchester Monarch mascot
 One of the free entertainment for children was Vertical Dream rock wall
 Mt. Washington college was also a sponsor and present at the block party
 David Sares, setting his table for Nadeau's subs
 BethAnn Jacques of New England Audiology talks to a guest at her table
 North Side Plaza is the home for the Workout Club, who also had a table setup at the party
 Tracy Caruso, WZID radio host was the M-Cee for the night
 Robin Longo, seen in the middle of the image, was giving out fruit cups and free Edible Arrangement samples to some party goers at her table
 Steve LaRocca & Jeremy Daniuk had some wonderful home made ice cream flavor choices for guest
Tim Hough of the Fisher Cats, seen on the right, help children win baseball ticket and other free items during the party