Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gone...But Not Forgotten

I've shot a lot events over the years...some professional and some personal. However, this last one, I must say by far, is up on my list of most memorable, beautiful and moving events I witness.

A client's only birthday wish is to have (and capture the moment in photographs); a memorial for her father who past away. She not only wanted to do this for her father but she wanted to share this event with family and friends, who could also show their remembrance of love one, who have moved on...but not forgotten, as well.

The original photographer was not able to do the shoot thus allowing me the opportunity to shoot the even by-way of a referral from a mutual friend.

Honoring loved ones that have past on, is a very important time-honored family occurrence often witness in other cultures, but rarely have I witness it in the US. This photo is one of many that I continue to go through for my client. This photo hi-lights one of said beautiful moment perform right here in the United State; lighting lanterns to honor those who are... "Gone But Not Forgotten.

"In memory of those
who have left us, may this light rise to
the heaves to shine with you through all eternity"
                                          -quoted from a lantern

"Happy Birthday April"