Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Hap-py, New Year!" "Ev-very-bod-y"

If you have not been to my blog or not have seen any recent messages at all, I am writing you on this day, to give you in my own special way, a wish full of love and cheer for a very special and happy New Year!

Not just for today or for the next night but hoping things goods for the rest of your life. For you and yours and all those who surround you, near and far close or associated with you.

May all your days and nights be keep you well, safe from all dangers and far from any form of hell. Full of smiles and healthy days with lots of sun even on rainy dazes.

Share a chuckle, a laugh, a good strong one with tears so that every day for the rest of your days can always be a happy New Year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Goof-ball boys, gotta love 'em

Before it got too cold, the boys and I took our dog for a walk, on the way back they stop to for me to get a short of them to use for their FaceBook profile and came up with this silly pose.

"Good Book!"

I found this amazing book at the grocery store yesterday and I had to buy it. I snatch it up for a good price with a hardcover. "Sweet!"

Word of The Day

I was told these words recently and I think they are words to live by. I am going to try to remember them always.

"...I eve see if the glass is empty that means I can get more!"
Steven Wilkie

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finals & last day of Drawing class

Today was the last day of my college drawing course. Here are some really awesome self portrait (our final assignment) done by some classmates. Pay particular attention to the last two, they have produced continuously amazing work throughout the semester. I have sought their advice myself. The last image is of the self portrait with "300" movie helmet I have really admired his work, in fact, the entire class has admired his level of skill. Great guy and wonderful work. He shared his dad's website with the instructor, who is also an accomplished artist. I was able to see the website too. I was really flattered when he admired work I had done. It really boost my confidence. I was excited to have a drawing course as a requirement for my degree but "man" am I glad the semester is over! I learned a lot but it was really, really hard work. I did learn a lot both from the instructor and from seeing other's work and listening to how they did it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snowy Morning

I woke up early Sunday morning, took my dog, Molly out to use the bathroom and shot this picture with my cellular telephone. It was before the sun came out later giving just the right light; not blowing out the snow with the reflective light it would has shown against the white surface. You can see where the large pine kept part of the ground protected from the cold of the last night's fallen snow.