Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wanna Win A Loot of Goods?!

All Free Knitting is having a contest for a cool win of Lion Brand yarn and tote on their website.
It is a first for me to post a contest but I figure what the heck. I have posted some of my own knitting and crochet so I may have inspired others. Here a way to get the supply of yarn you need for that one project you may not have enough yarn for. Good luck (for us both, I am hoping for win too). :-)

Click on the link here to enter the contest. Click here to score a loot of yarn win

Need an idea to knit or crochet? Lion Brand has a library of free patterns to any skill level knitter.
Click Free Patterns to be connected to the Lion Brand page and happy crafting.
Need more idea or inspiration, just scroll on down...take a look at some of the project both knit one and crochet, small and large, and of course of varying skill levels too. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Let's Go On An Adventure!

I decided to make up for lost time to cross off my bucket list places I like to visit last year; now I am.
Woo-hoo! So come along with me on an adventure to see and explore new places to eat, play and enjoy the great outdoors while eating or playing...or maybe both even at the same time.

Today excursion takes us to place to eat breakfast outside, Derryfield restaurant inside the Derryfield golf course country club on Mammoth Road in Manchester, New Hampshire.  The prices are reasonable, they food is nice and on occasion you can even enjoy a live band with a drink (in evening). You can decide to eat and bask in the sun or under the shade of the canopy; I chose the later while taking in the scenery you see below. It is beautiful. If you, by chance, like to play golf too, the price for that is as well is pretty decent as well.

I am going to updating often on new and cool places to checkout over the course of spring and summer month so come back again real soon....until then enjoy the shade and the view. :-)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring is in the air...and tree...and...

After we have all suffered through the entire Eastcoast and the far reaches beyond, I do even think skier are regretting and happy that spring has "FINALLY" arrived. "Phew!" You'd think it would have never gotten or just got skipped over the way thing were going with the weather.
...but now...just look around you...spring is most certainly here and in what an amazing way of beauty it is...more of these wonderful images highlighting nature at its best can be seen in a newly created folder label in my online gallery; "Fine Art n Commissions". Nitch out a little time in your day, swing on over the website and take a look around the update collection of Mother Nature at her best; spring in bloom.
click here to view Fine Art n Commissions

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On A Stormy Sunday...

I am ready to go...or so I thought...or so I thought. The snow is coming down, the flakes ore thick, heavy and although they are coming down fast; they light up the night sky with a brilliant white light.
Not sure I can go anywhere as I wait...wait for possibility of two outcomes; one, I get a call postponing the trip...or two, my ride come and we brave the storm like any home-grown-storm-adapted New Englander would like any other day.

To my surprise there was an option three; ride show up suggesting to bunk overnight (on the couch) to make heading off the next morning that much more quicker. Errr, not what I was expecting since I intentionally did not buy groceries knowing I am going out of town so dinner option are more than limited to say the least. Ha ha Instead of cooking or shopping for dinner, we go to a local restaurant which on the way I find out is no easy task because many of local restaurants have either closed early or not open at all on Sunday; some due to the storm while it is just the schedule for others. As luck would have it, we do find one spot open for service, Piccola Italia Ristorante, in downtown Manchester. I think the price is high but I gotta admit...the food; "Wow!" They pictures are thousand words. Well, they are can also be thousand taste buds...because the food is far better tasting than the delightful photos you are about to see that honestly do not give enough credit in spite their beauty to just how great a dish taste.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For Knitters, Crocheters, and Crafter alike...

There is a major blizzard blowing through the Northeast regional cluster of states this month. Some states getting hit harder than harder but everyone in Blizzard Juno's path is truly suffering to one degree or another.

While online to check the status of state of New Hampshire where I live and also Massachusetts where my family live, I came across an interesting article about what not to say to a knitter. Being a knitter myself, the article obviously peak my much so, I had to share. It is worth knowing and learning for those who do crafts but mostly for those who do not so they can understand, appreciate, and properly compliment a crafter.

click here for a good read

Below of some of my projects
Working on a thumb for a how-to video

The pattern for these cute booties is available on the Garnstudio website but you can also refer one of my
earlier blog post for links to the pattern and video(s) Click here for video and pattern link

A lil biker friend whom I also made a safety helmet for to wear
when riding along its cyclist dad, my brother
Here is the sane lace piece drying during a process known as  Blocking: a process to finalize
the knit item to give the fibers a nice clean professional finish look

Modeling a knit lace bandana type scarf

This winter weather inspiration is another free pattern on the Garnstudio website.
There is a step by step how-to video on how to knit this ear flap hat on YouTube: "How To Knit Ear Flap Hat on the Estellos Best channel Click here How to knit Earflap hat
Twin bunnies made for a very special lil' girl

Monday, January 12, 2015

One Color Beautiful

While the scene is all covered mostly in white, it only takes the splash of one small but very bright bold color to fill the entire scene with such beauty; a Cardinal...just outside my window pane.