Thursday, December 4, 2014

Top It Off

What better way to cover up and stay warm...well, cover up one's head any way, now that the first snow has fallen here on the East Coast but with a super-duper warm, soft, and comfy ear flap hat.

This cute item is a first knit. I knit this ear flap hat for the first time and pretty happy with the finish product. It is knit slightly larger on purpose for better coverage not just over the ears but also the back of the neck and under the chin like an attached mini cowl. The braid ties are the perfect finishing touch for a perfect snug fit every time it is worn.

For the knit enthusiast or just plain curious, a link is below to the Raverly website with more detail about the cozy knit hat including a link to the pattern. A video tutorial will soon follow so check back here (and there) often for updates. "happy crafting".

Ear flap hat on