Monday, September 29, 2014

More Than 1 Way to Skin a Cat...

...or cut a bird; poultry bird that is. Or should I say, "A chicken".  If you have not read my blog in a while, I should first catch you up. I am taking a culinary class. I am fours weeks into to an eight week program learning about culinary and safety for commercial cooking. In the class we cut a whole chicken in different manners; a more traditional breakdown of poultry: legs, wings, thighs and breast. The second lesson is where things got interesting and new. The cut is a "Statler Breast" cut. The knife handling class is taught by visiting Chef Paul, Head Chef of Mountain Spirits Tavern located inside Mountain Edge Resort in Sunapee, New Hampshire. Below is a link with some interesting facts about how taking a part of chicken in this fashion got its name. It is a good read even if it is found on Wikipedia. Ha ha ha Sorry. I just find it a tad bit funny because wiki is just NOT the most reliable source for information but that's a story for another time. This is is about a bird and its elegant cut; Startler Breast. "Onto the link"...Statler Breast chicken cutting style.

Cutting demonstration is about to begin

The stars of the show

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Two Great Causes a good way

The NH Food Bank's Recipe for Success culinary instructor with the aid of a few students from the culinary course volunteer to help him cater the 7th Annual Inspred Recovery event event for graduating addiction step program hosted by the NH Art Institute at the French building, Friday night. The event itself was from 5p to 11pm and NH Food Bank gladly is catering from 5p to 7p. However, we did not leave at 7p; still going strong after 7p to help the event continue to be a great success.
Not a fan of them but these are biggest and best hot dogs

Last horah selfie of the crew

Before the magic begins; we prepare

Less five minutes; all setup and ready

Local performer doing a sound and light test

Cannot leave without a group shot

...and one more with our insructor, Chef Jayson
The place where magic is taking place..."The French bldg"; a NH Art Institute campus

Behind the scenes earlier in the week, ingredients are made Pasta Salad for the event

Tomatoes are also clean and ready to prepare for a dish

Cookies are a part of the menu in this behind the scene image

Dozens of cookes are baked and waiting