Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Foliage...

... also transcends its kaleidoscope of color; dancing and popping into dishes (drinks and deserts) during the most colorful season of the year...the fall.

"A nice thing about the fall season, is the the harvest. There are so many beautiful dishes cook at this time of year that are so colorful, full of flavor, and smell absolutely amazing. The side dish I got to cook with my team mate, Mark, who help prep the food, is one of those beautiful dishes. It's is Kale with peppers. Also included was Swiss Red Chards. It came out so well, I brought some Kale and Chards to make some tonight for a dinner side dish".
                                                                                                              - a Facebook comment

Much like looking out the window, driving down the road or standing on a mountain trail, you see so many different colors amongst the tree all around you during the fall season in New England. However, it does not stop there. We see fall foliage in the harvest of plenty in so many other ways like the food we cook today at the NH Food Bank in vegetable side dish; a Kale with Garlic & Peppers dish. It is a dish cook with Red Swiss Chards, Kale, Green Peppers and Garlic. They are few ingredients with many colors. The vibrant red bursting through the veins of the Red Swiss Chards, the stems from the same plants are a color wheel of red, yellow, green pink and white. Mine you, this is only the take on just one of the ingredients. " Is not a sight?!" Do not take my word for it...let the images below, speak for themselves. 

Note: The images you are about to view where taken and edited on my cellular phone; I cannot take photo with a camera it is a classroom and all silly-nilly. We gotta get dishes cook. "Phfff!" ;-)

Outside of contrasting deep leafy greens poking out, all these color came from the one vegetable; the stem of various Red Swiss Chards

The one leaf resembles a tree trunk rich with deep red hues 

Look at this, wow! It immediately catches your eye, doesn't it?