Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brandon

Well, my dear son, you are a year older and I am so very proud to watch you morph from a young child into a maturing young adult. You have come along way, sweetie. It's been a little rough going, as life often is for us all, but you have manage to keep your head above water; generally. "You do have your moments." You have a mass many caring friends along the way; friend that I hope you will remain in contact with to be there for you. As well as, for you to be there for them. keep on keeping on my dearest. As we both know, you will achieve greatness in this world. Your mearly being apart of it contributes to the changes that I know you create. You are a leader and not a follower. "You will make your mark in this world," I know it.

"Rock-on, Ubbr L3te!"

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