Monday, June 22, 2009

A Speedy Recovery Wish for Paige

This poem was created for Paige, a family member of a close friend, recovering from a very bad car accident.

This poem is very true to the heart.I wanted to share it with others in place of my "Quote of The Day".

"The beauty that we have inside,
spread open wing like a butterfly.

Is magnified and shines so bright
by the love of family that survives any plight

*credit to my son, Brandon, who help me come up
with the last words "...that survives any plight."

My laptop has been on the fritz, so as much as I would like to add an image with this poem for a digital get well card for Paige & her family, I unfortunately at this time am unable to do so.

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Jedidiah - The blog of a sane black woman, beloved of God said...

Nice poem Anita. I'm Yomi from Ozzu. Really love your blogs. You got me singing Alicia Keys all day yesterday.