Monday, August 24, 2009

Laughter Rx

Laughter; a natural multi-purpose rememdy for
pain, weight-loss,lack of muscle tone
and complimentary to enjoyment;
easily obtained without prescription.

It is also a drug-free way to feeling good.

They come in all doesages (listed in strength from weaker to strongest)

Smile Maker: spontaneous inner glow shown in the form of human facial expression & LOL's online text.

Chuckle(s): small incremental burst.

Actual Laugh Out Loud: spontaneous audio as oppose to a Smile Maker. It is stronger than a "Chuckle" but weaker than "The Belly Laugh".

The Belly Laugh: stronger than an Actual Laugh and more genuine than a Chuckle.

The Brought-to-Tears: an explosive, compulsive and uncontrolling continuous laugh that literally brings a you to tears and can be often followed by high pitch squealing.

Taken as needed but necessity not required.

Estello's Best yet

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