Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Lasting Memory; Molly

There's no jiggle from her collar,
no rattling from her crate;
getting comfortable as a fall asleep.
There's no shadow following my every footstep
close behind me like a heartbeat.
There's no head rested on my leg
with big brown eyes looking up at me...
waiting for me to move
to starting playing some kind of game
and throwing a toy
creating the clatters of sharp toenails
hitting the wood floor in a rythmatic kinda of beat;
with a hurry and a quickness
so fast and so sweet
making everyone laugh with a chuckle of her sliding,
bumbing and banging against whatever along her path
and body meet.
NO nuisance or annoyance that's part of her; its sweet.
Just all the memories of my baby, the boy's sister;
a part of our family...a part of me.
A whole of Molly Johnson, our dog
We shall no longer see.

"We will always love and miss you, Molly!"
You've burneds lasting images into our memories.

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