Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Inspiration Found in a Suprising Place

As you may have seen in previous post; both the boys run track. They have a great coach but who knew how wonderful and inspirations he really was both as an individual and coach to them.

Well, Dick's Sporting Good found out just how much and featured him (and the entire track team; including my boys whom I am also very proud of) in their online promotion. It is a story that will bring one to tears and can inspire anyone no matter who they are or what they do..."You will be moved."

The link is posted on the a page I posted for their school's with other accomplishments for the school's sport teams and performance including photos from last year when the football team did an All Star expedition game against other high school football team to raise money for medical program.

Go to check out the inspirational story and stay to look around other photos and videos as well...and do not forget to like us on Facebook, please.


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