Sunday, June 23, 2013

Prom Night 2013

There are some very pivotal events in a person's life; prom I think is one of those events.
Every culture has in some form or another, a rite of passage. While, the American version of the prom, it is not as significant or challenging on the child themselves as some other cultures, it is still an important event... not just for the teen but also for the parent who, in their mind, comes to realize their baby has grown up, will be graduating high school and soon will be going off to live as an adult.

These images here are the memories of that one night of my son, Christien. As any parent eager to boast and rave about their child, I am very proud of him. He has grown up to be quite the handsome young man. He has made accomplish and overcome so much as both a person, student and athlete.

While I have taken quiet a few photographs over the years, none are so loved by me than this night and the ones I took of his older brother for his senior picture (to go into the school's yearbook).

A handsome young man now stands before me

A closeup, one of my favorites 

The last piece to the attire and big night!

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