Monday, March 31, 2014

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained...

So as many know and some may not know, I have a very strong passion for capturing life moments with a unique eye; freezing moments in times to share with others as well as for my own person enjoyment. What many do not know, is I also like to relax with a ball of yarn and a pair of needles; it is quiet relaxing and very me! If it were not for the crocheting I was able to do while on bedrest during a very long and complicated pregnancy with my first son, I probably would have lost my mind with a whole new spin on cabin fever that would make Jason look humble. ha ha

Any who. Knitting and crocheting is something I have always known how to do for a very long time and continue to do 'til this very day. My preference to do it is during the winter months when like most, activities outdoor due to harsh weather conditions are greatly minimized. I also like to create items to donate to charities and as gifts.

My preference over the past few years however is  knitting. If I am not drawing or painting, I am knitting something...or two.

My most recent project was a pair of baby booties to resemble a popular and fashionable Ugg boots.

A lovely YouTuber by the name of iKnit publish a how-to video that help me a great deal in the creation of these Uggs made out of two soft and stylish fibers; suede and baby soft yarns. iKnit has many videos for both knitters and anyone that can crotchet or want to learn either of the two crafts. click here for Boy's Ugg bootie tutorial.

These Uggs are for my grand daughter, Imani. She is an amazingly cute little one year old that is already walking.  In the video the Uggs are made with a button closure. However, these shoes have a velcro closure. I must point one thing, the bottom of Uggs are not grundy or dirty. It is plastic coating  to prevent the sole from slipping on hard surfaces. The plastic spray comes in various colors and I like to use a clear coat but the hardware store only had gray and white. The white would not coat evenly so I had to get the gray. The bottom of shoes are generally dark anyway for I figure, "What the heck, right? I hope her mother likes them and they fit.

The Uggs sole side up shortly after being treated with plastic coating
 Another angle to show how the Uggs are coated
A how-to will be coming soon a YouTube video soon
 Dried, finished and ready
 Uggs upright from one side
 On display for the day
 Lastly, a close-up shot of the dried and coated sole

Strongly considering to begin a Esty online store to sell hand knit and crotchet items in the near future; a new adventure is on the horizon.

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