Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Remember Where's Waldo?

It is a children games in print where you have to find this skinny little man wearing a red and white stripe shirt wearing a hat and glasses hiding in the crowd as children read and learn about different geographical locations. Well, I like to go kayaking. "Where's Waldo" came to mind when I took this one particular shot in a red kayak. That image as well some others are what you are about to view.

 The wind did blow and water choppy like open sea
 Where's Waldo? :-)
 While something are nice to alone; good time are best shared with others; my best friend
Capturing shots of turtles...not so easy this time around

More images from this not-so-calm but fun trip on the water can be seen in a photography gallery by following this link: EsBest photos look for the "Turkey Pond" folder.

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