Monday, September 29, 2014

More Than 1 Way to Skin a Cat...

...or cut a bird; poultry bird that is. Or should I say, "A chicken".  If you have not read my blog in a while, I should first catch you up. I am taking a culinary class. I am fours weeks into to an eight week program learning about culinary and safety for commercial cooking. In the class we cut a whole chicken in different manners; a more traditional breakdown of poultry: legs, wings, thighs and breast. The second lesson is where things got interesting and new. The cut is a "Statler Breast" cut. The knife handling class is taught by visiting Chef Paul, Head Chef of Mountain Spirits Tavern located inside Mountain Edge Resort in Sunapee, New Hampshire. Below is a link with some interesting facts about how taking a part of chicken in this fashion got its name. It is a good read even if it is found on Wikipedia. Ha ha ha Sorry. I just find it a tad bit funny because wiki is just NOT the most reliable source for information but that's a story for another time. This is is about a bird and its elegant cut; Startler Breast. "Onto the link"...Statler Breast chicken cutting style.

Cutting demonstration is about to begin

The stars of the show

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