Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For Knitters, Crocheters, and Crafter alike...

There is a major blizzard blowing through the Northeast regional cluster of states this month. Some states getting hit harder than harder but everyone in Blizzard Juno's path is truly suffering to one degree or another.

While online to check the status of state of New Hampshire where I live and also Massachusetts where my family live, I came across an interesting article about what not to say to a knitter. Being a knitter myself, the article obviously peak my curiosity....so much so, I had to share. It is worth knowing and learning for those who do crafts but mostly for those who do not so they can understand, appreciate, and properly compliment a crafter.

click here for a good read

Below of some of my projects
Working on a thumb for a how-to video

The pattern for these cute booties is available on the Garnstudio website but you can also refer one of my
earlier blog post for links to the pattern and video(s) Click here for video and pattern link

A lil biker friend whom I also made a safety helmet for to wear
when riding along its cyclist dad, my brother
Here is the sane lace piece drying during a process known as  Blocking: a process to finalize
the knit item to give the fibers a nice clean professional finish look

Modeling a knit lace bandana type scarf

This winter weather inspiration is another free pattern on the Garnstudio website.
There is a step by step how-to video on how to knit this ear flap hat on YouTube: "How To Knit Ear Flap Hat on the Estellos Best channel Click here How to knit Earflap hat
Twin bunnies made for a very special lil' girl

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