Saturday, May 30, 2015

Let's Go On An Adventure!

I decided to make up for lost time to cross off my bucket list places I like to visit last year; now I am.
Woo-hoo! So come along with me on an adventure to see and explore new places to eat, play and enjoy the great outdoors while eating or playing...or maybe both even at the same time.

Today excursion takes us to place to eat breakfast outside, Derryfield restaurant inside the Derryfield golf course country club on Mammoth Road in Manchester, New Hampshire.  The prices are reasonable, they food is nice and on occasion you can even enjoy a live band with a drink (in evening). You can decide to eat and bask in the sun or under the shade of the canopy; I chose the later while taking in the scenery you see below. It is beautiful. If you, by chance, like to play golf too, the price for that is as well is pretty decent as well.

I am going to updating often on new and cool places to checkout over the course of spring and summer month so come back again real soon....until then enjoy the shade and the view. :-)

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