Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting There

"Wow!" I'm getting there! It was really, really cool. I am mentoring under a local photographer, who was gracious enough to let me shadow him to learn hands-on what it takes to shoot a wedding. I am truly grateful and it is really fun. Funny thing, I was given the task of shooting the groom & the rest of the men gettting ready. Obviously, I was extremely nervous. I am always nervous and anxious when it comes to doing new and exciting things. I remember when I was in college how I would always be nervous the 1st day after the school break but that's another story. I walked into the house, getting introduce to everyone as they were emerging from a nearby room and "low in behold" my upstair neighbor from my apartment building was one of the groom's men. It was a funny suprise to see a familiar face. I took a family potrait of his family a few month earlier in the year. How does the saying go, "small world."

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