Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pleasure Bay, S. Boston, MA

Woo, hoo, baby!
I was really glad to catch some shots of Kite sufers and Wind sail surfers this past Friday on April 26. Especially since when I rode a couple buses and train coming all the way from out of state to try capturing some pictures last summer, I wasn't able to get any!
I give koodos to Chad, his friends and others out there doing their thing in such frigid temperatures. I barely manage to be out for the time I was on the shore taking pictures. I am imagine it had to a lot colder in the high winds with the occasional fall into the water as a result of those dying winds. "Well done, guys!"
I hope to see you all out there again on next visit into town.
The images here is just a small handful of what I am able to capture but I also have a slideshow of additional images at my website

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