Thursday, September 17, 2009

Man (& Woman's best friend)

My friend Pauline and I, took our dogs out to what we refer to an area called "The Pit". Pauline now has, with the recent addition of Sam; four dogs to my one named Molly. I got some nice shots of her dogs including Sam, the white with spots, Pit Bull. But I have yet to get a good shot of Molly. She spends a lot of time, I mean a whole lot of time, running all over the place. She NEVER sit still. Unless it's to get a treat and even then she doesn't sit still for long. So she is the only one that is not in this set of photos.

There is always next time. "There will be a next time." I will get her.

I am patient.

*from top to bottom: Maggie, Belle, Maggie again, Chase, and Sam.

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