Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Story of "The Flower"

"The Flower"

As we pass through this world
sharing space and time with others...
Pain can be felt as a result of the separation from others.

Torn away like a rip piece of paper.

Sometimes our pull cause the tear
Sometimes we're pulled to a tear

No matter the reason; good or bad
it still causes some pain.

We spent time with people
We spent time with others
We give our time; a piece of ourselves is left with them.

But like "The Flower" that grows
every year; loosing a petal,
had a pruning along it stem
loosing some leaves...

Whatever piece is lost
Whatever petal drops
Whatever wind blew, harsh sun or cold rain.

It will grow time.
Time "does" heal all wounds.
But a flower, even wild, stills need care.
"The Flower" needs to take care of itself.
The roots need to be deep for water and nutrients.
"The Flower" bends toward the sun for its benefit.
Its survival.

Whatever friends you loose.
Marriage that ends.
A piece of you was left & lost with them.
But like the The Flower,
growing stronger by the hour...

a little at a time
a little over time
but it "does" get stronger...
over time.

Let the season past
allow the pieces lost to be gone
allow yourself to move on.

"The Flower's" strength comes from
its resilience. It wants to grow.

You have to "want" to grow.
You have to "want" to move on.
You have to "want" to be strong.

Like "The Flower".

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