Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Hap-py, New Year!" "Ev-very-bod-y"

If you have not been to my blog or not have seen any recent messages at all, I am writing you on this day, to give you in my own special way, a wish full of love and cheer for a very special and happy New Year!

Not just for today or for the next night but hoping things goods for the rest of your life. For you and yours and all those who surround you, near and far close or associated with you.

May all your days and nights be keep you well, safe from all dangers and far from any form of hell. Full of smiles and healthy days with lots of sun even on rainy dazes.

Share a chuckle, a laugh, a good strong one with tears so that every day for the rest of your days can always be a happy New Year!

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