Monday, October 22, 2012

In The Beginning...and in between


This may seem like an obsession of sorts but it really is not; just a love of art that I also like to share with others. Here is some the watercolor work I had begun prior to course beginning and learning the best method, technique and tools to do watercolors. Others among today's upload are work have done since starting my class, visiting the library and experimenting on my own.


This horse is an inspiration (and WIP: work-in-progress) I got from see watercolor work of a Deviant Art member, "sythesite". The title of her work, should you want to look her up on the website is is "Rainbow Horse Study II".

This lovely lady is a journal entry. Its "Watercolor Work in a Bottle"...just open and create! Ha ha

This butterfly is a re-creation of photograph I took this summer. It camera setting were set for bright exposure giving a translucent light and feel to photograph which work out well as an later inspiration for watercolor subject to experiment and try. There was trouble using liquid mask (a substance used to help maintain white areas once the watercolor dries) on the wings and the lower leaf.
This is also a journal entry. The journal is where I will try new things from subjects, technique or a quick study/project. The human eye was one of those quick study/watercolor sketch. The owl was an inspiration from a images I saw on television during the closing credit 
(I do not own the right to the original).
This nubian angel was a drawing done some years ago I thought would be a good subject for watercolor. She was done before I learn how to create clouds and a smooth blend. The blending of her hair's shadow and highlights was a successful experiment that work out well. I learned here that not all liquid mask are created equal (or suited for certain mediums).

This is a mix medium of watercolor and ink. Overall, it was not bad but as you can see, learning to do clouds, while may seem easy (skies too), can be quiet a challenge. I later found reference material and video on how to do clouds and different kinds of skies.

My most recent work; a reproduction of an original photograph I took some years ago while doing a shoot at private residence with a pond in the back where a pair of swans were nesting. The male swam across the pond for a bite to eat when he saw us outside. I am amazing to learn swans are much bigger than they look when on land! I have seen them before but not up close or standing on land.

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