Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rising to the Challenge

While I do not consider myself a novice knitter, I had yet to make any kind of garment, which in many way defines a knitter's abilities…in some ways but it could be debated. But on a personal note, it is my own personal goal to say that I have knitted a garment. Now, I can proudly say, "Yes, I have knit a garment." I challenged myself to not only knit a garment but for me, a hooded sweater with an opening, made from piece-work would definitely prove myself…to myself…that I have truly grown as knitter.

I present, the Biker Jacket. Ta-dah! It work with Lion Brand Thick & Quick Oatmeal and Wood (colors). What'cha think? Pretty cool, huh? I now feel accomplished…and for my next hurdle; "a lace shawl! …or rather any lace stitch, in general, regardless of the pattern it is the obstacle for me to overcome next time around.
"Stayed tuned."

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