Tuesday, April 1, 2008

OpenSourcePhoto: Please help me solve this problem...#links#links

OpenSourcePhoto: Please help me solve this problem...#links#links

Well, DJ it is quite simple, but, are you willing to do what is necessary, is the real question? You just have to choke on a game or at least a frame or two. Let a ball gutter. It's all 'bout the fun and socializing, right?... "Nah!" I know, I know. I'm not sure what you can do there, sweetie. I guess you're just gonna have to wing it and play it by ear. Don't do anything to drastic, I guess.

I know, I'll ask another guy (my 14 yrs hormone-ly charge and brutely honest, son, hold-on I'm calling my son into the room..). He said buy them dinner too. He's into having girls for friends now and wouldn't say something like "Destroy them all!" if he were playing Halo with his male counterparts. So he suggested buy them ice cream. I ask my son, "what about, buy them ice cream w/real ice in it (a small piece of jewelry, ha, ha, ha)? He just shook his head and said he had no idea. Sorry, D. I tried. But your friends would probably love my idea. ;-*

-your friend NH from the January superbowl seminar, Anita (who's still waiting to see the pic you took of us, by-the-way :-) You'll remember when you see my pic on my blog or website on the the About Us page).

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