Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Surfing the wind of Pleasure Bay, Boston, MA

Woo, woo, baby

I caught some nice shots of some pretty cool guys catching air this past weekend on Friday, April 26th. I took pictures of Chad and some of his friends kite surfing. I also got some shot of three other guys windsurfing too. It was incredibly cold out. I give koodos to those guy enjoy their sport in such frigid water temperatures. I don't even think I was out for half hour shooting them. I tried get out there earlier when the sun was out but I waiting for sister. I gave up waiting and heading out to shoot some pictures. I was driving own the road when I saw kites gliding in the air and made an immediate detour praising myself for following my instinct to drive the road I had not originally plan on driving down to shoot the city scape skyline. I figure the skyline will always be there (the building won't be moving anytime soon, right?) but last year when I came all the way from out of town on a couple of buses and a train to shoot kite surfers only to see there was no one (winds weren't strong enough I guess but it was a beautiful day), I'd chose to go shoot the kite surfers. You can view it at slideshow on my website:

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