Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Children of Children Keep Coming" digital poem

I have been catching you all up on what I have been doing and I forgot one of the most important thing I have done all year in 2010 (in my own defense I had to wait for clearance to post this; didn't really forget ha ha). Any who, as I was saying, my boys and I got to play a major part in as actors, director and filming a digital poem with a wonderful woman, Mary Anne Sullivan, who was at the helm of it all. She also played a major roll in bringing it all together. She did all the editing, additional directing (my part was not as large as her's) and much, much more. It is an amazing piece of work that was written by a great man, Russell Goings. He attended a historical event in Washington, D.C., on October 16, 1995, The Million Man March.


He was so moved by the experience, it inspired him to write a collection of poems. Mary Anne Sullivan did a review of this book of poems on her website, "The Tower Journal"


Russell Going some how caught wind of this and track down Mary Anne. One thing lead to another and a digital poem was created. She asked me to assist to her. I happily agreed along with my two boys, Brandon and Christien. It also features others who are a part of this wonderful occurrence. I strongly urge you all to check it out and also read up on who Russell Going is as well. I foresee his book becoming a textbook for study in schools. It is "that" good and has that much meaning and purpose.

Learn and Enjoy!

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