Sunday, February 13, 2011

My New Endeavor

Teen House (information) Exchange Place

Is a place for children ages 14 to 18 (possibly 21) to meet, share, get information, associate with their peers and most of all have fun. There are tons of places for children 13 years of age and under like day camps, after school programs and the likes but there is nothing for our teens.

THE PLACE is somewhere young adults can go to be among their peers. They can comfortably get help without being inhibited by the embarrassment or frustration of working with an adult who may not “get” them or unfortunately not available like the working single mom, dad, grandparent or guardian.

The Place provides an atmosphere where children of their own age can get a more in-tuned, unbiased and reliable reference to information like driver education experience (and school referrals), places accepting employment in their age category, events, sports camp and where to purchase sport gears, school supplies and clothing (on sale or the preferred trend that maybe hard to find).

The place is also a good source for employers (including moms looking for baby sitter), parents and businesses can look for potential hires. We at The Place would require potential employers to absorb the cost to provide back checks and also provide reference to us so we and the teen’s parents can be assure us all that the potential employer is a safe, secure and enjoyable place to work.

The Place would be staffed by both volunteers and employees that have either graduated, participated and/or work at places of interest to the teens i.e. college graduates, seniors and juniors from their school (or college of interest) along with professionals. This way the teens and young adults have someone to turn to for advice that has actually walk a mile in their shoes and/or can assist them in how to prepare, study or gain beneficial knowledge to help with school, college & university or driver’s education and obtaining meeting driver’s license requirements. The Place is also a location where teens can gather to have planned, safe and organized fun, hang out or get assistance with school work, college entrance, study for their SAT and similar test, seeking employment or dealing with the obstacles and hardship of being a teen or young adult in this current day and age.

The Place would have link game systems for multiple play enjoyment, computer with Internet service, donated item to help those who would like to participate in sport but cannot afford the equipment. There would also be (hopefully) donated vending machines with proper food choice items so parents have the assurance their children are consuming healthy snack and beverages when away from home at an affordable cost.

The majority of cost at The Place we are hoping can be generated sponsorships, donations, fund raisers and through a nominal membership fee, the use of the vendor machine, event cost like a GameStop sponsored gaming event i.e. game tournament, gaming promotion event like a small scale E3 along with other sponsored events and fundraisers. The last resort would be grant funding from large corporations that would require the creation of a board which would result in the control, vision and direction of The Place being taken out of the hands of those who have work so hard to create it and to minimize outside involvements that may want to influence the mission of The Place in way that would truly benefit those who need it most, the youth of our future.

The Place would also have their own organized charged events like an annual New Years bash where children could gather to enjoy the approaching New Year while playing fun filled games, competitions and tournaments while bring in the New Year freeing their parent(s) and/or caregivers to also enjoy the New Year.

Another option for fund raising would be to rent out tables for surrounding residents to use for yard sales in a more central and high traffic count area oppose their own property where it maybe hard or impossible to do. We are also hoping that given our strong contribution to the community that the town, business and its schools will help support the development, prosperity and growth of The Place.

The Place will also have a website and blog with a forum where teens can befriend and associate with other teens their age across the globe willing to chat, share and exchange.

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