Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A must needed break

Hello everyone!

I have been gone for sometime. I had some computer issue, medical (health related) and personal ones that has kept me away for quite a while but I am back!

I have several thing to update everyone on and I am not sure where to begin so I will start with the most recent and work my way back over time. I would not want to bombard you with too much too soon and overload anybody's circuits. Ha ha just a little computer joke but don't worry. I do plan on keeping my day job and not taking up stand up or should I say, online comedy, as a career choice.

Any who. Here is the skinny. I have returned to school and have been at it for a couple of years now. I am doing a dual major in Graphic Design and Small Business Management. During that journey have re-ignited my love for art and primarily illustration. I took a class called 2D design where I learned how to take my drawings and used a software program called Photoshop CS5 to create two dimensional characters and work. I have also since used it to more quickly and efficiently colorize my work. I have since, under the influence of a classmate, created an online gallery of the work I have done thus far and the work that may still remain in progress as well. If you would like to take a peek at my gallery, please feel free to do so by clicking on this link: http://esbest.deviantart.com/gallery/

The other cool thing I have been doing is working on a project. I have been working on it for quiet a while actually but I was given the opportunity to bring to the attentions of other and get assistance as it had became a class assignment to put together a marketing package for it during the last semester while attending a business class with a study in advertisement.

I know have a logo, flyer and Facebook fan page for my project. You can learn more about it by reading about "The Place" on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Place/303947884772 The logo is profile image. I will also create a website for it. The best thing ever since its inception is when I ran into a computer specialist friend at the store one day who asked me what I had been up to later. I filled him in on my project. He told me once I get a location for it, it would give me all the help I need on the computer end. He will provide free server service and also help me in getting high-quality computer for a fraction of the cost. I am super phych now to get the ball really rolling. I have found a few potentials. Now, I have to do some research and writing some letter to see if I can possibly have preferably my first choice location, donated for The Place.

Okay, let's see, hmm. What else have I been up too? Well, I have been to a lot of school sporting events. My boys are a lot older and participating in various sports and activities at school. This past summer they were both on school football team, which did amazingly well. The team won the City championship. My oldest son, BJ is also a member of the school's track team this past Spring and now participating on winter track team. This year his younger brother, CJ has joined him, who is also a member of the winter track team. He is one of the fastest sprinters on the team.

I have some images on my new online photography gallery at www.at-e.smugmug.com. I have also added a lot of other photographs of some wonderful places, events and artwork...you might wanna swing by and take a gander at that as well.

See! I told you it would be a lot if I tried to list it all at once. But don't you fret. This is not even the half of it. There has been a whole bucket load of thing going on over here. I will leave with this nice big plateful for the time being, okay.

Well, take care. If you are like me living anywhere along the path of this massive ice and snow storm blowing across the U.S, please be safe, stay warm and enjoy it if you can. I do have some school work to do but I decided to take a break, update my blog for all you wonderful folks out there and now I am off to make myself a nice hot cup of cocoa.

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