Monday, January 28, 2013

Charcoal Duck, a work in progress

During my charcoal drawing class last year, I had begun doing a drawing involving little baby geese or duck, I do not remember which, but being new to doing charcoal and time allot to complete the assignment, I knew I had to make a conscience decision to pick another subject in order to get my homework turned in on time. It has always been my intention to go back and finish it but I actually forgot about it until I found this photo I took of it; oddly enough, you get a great non-bias perspective of your work to check how it is coming along, if you take a photo of it. So a quick tip, if you are working on painting or drawing and do not have someone to give you a second opinion (or honest one) how it is coming along; take a picture. It really works.

Here is how far I have gotten with it. It is all charcoal on color paper. However, I will point out, this image is only a segment of a much larger sheet of paper, as you can see by the white line on the right.

If you like to see more of charcoal work like the Siberian Husky I did turn for the class assignment, other watercolor work and photograph, swing over to website too see even more of work.

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