Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fallen & Frosted…death of foliage

I had to go out this morning, or at least I thought I did…I mean I did have to go get some blood work drawn so my doctor could try and narrow down if pains I have been having (for years) is a tissue muscle or actually nerve damage or something else and apparently, one way to check is through blood work. Who knew! Obviously not me. I also had no way of knowing that some of the things drawn from my blood need need to be frozen immediately and sent out from the lab to be check. The lab at my local doctor's office cannot do it so…hence I thought I had to go. Kinda still did but not there at least. Starved myself for nothing (can't eat for 12 hours when that type of test is done). Any who! On the way home…to gorge (not really; I wasn't that hungry but eating was definitely on my mind), I stop to take pictures of this antique Ford truck for a friend who like them.  I was moving to get a different perspective when the back lit glow of rising sun and sparkle of the crisp white frost on the grass blades and other under brush caught my eye. Armed with only my cellphone camera that I was using, I went to work to capture the gems beneath my feet.

This is the best of the moment and poetically the worse too, from the leaf perspective I would guest lying almost colorless on the ground.
T'was a chill in the air, there was. Chilled me right to the very bone it did, 
Fallen leaf,  fell pray to its embrace as low lying ground cover tried to embrace it;
life had slowly left it as it color escape it.

The antique truck and other photos can be seen in my gallery by clicking here: Antique Ford and other frost images

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