Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's A Cover Up

I and other artist are hanging out and working on a cover up; painting mask.
Some as costumes piece for halloween and others like mine's as an art piece to display.
All current, alum and students who are in between courses like myself who are awaiting the spring to take a course only offered once a year as oppose to other course available every semester, can join the club and even encourage to bring a guest or two (provided they are not too young).
 In the fore-front a club member is working a half mask design and in the top middle of the image, instructor and club leader, is working on her design on a full face (cover) mask in the art room of Manchester Community College in Manchester, New Hampshire
 A chinese dragon is  my own work-in-progress on a half mask
 A eery blood dripping smile mask lays complete and dry on the table; another members project
  He designed, sculpt and painted the mask shown here displayed on a Styrofoam head, all  by hand himself. Pretty impressive, right? Well, he and all of the art club members got it like that. A very talent group of individuals from the students right up to the their very talent leader and instructor, Marcia Gardner, Art Department Head at Manchester Community College
Now complete, sitting on my kitchen counter, is my own half-mask 

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