Saturday, October 26, 2013

Who Knew! Not Me

I would find this yarn and fiber store that from the outside look small and limited in inventory but step in side…even non-knitters will be completely amazed at the large interior, layout and vast inventory with not just small square knit samples known as swatches for someone to see what the yarn would like work but an equally large selection of completely knitted and crotched garments for sale as well while doing a great job of double duty showing as the yarn sampling its drape, look and feel.

The Yarn and Fiber Company  is on my way to the office park in the town of Derry, New Hampshire, a place I do travel to very often and do know my way around, I found what I consider a diamond in the rough. I consider it that because when the temperatures drop outside, I do more creative things inside like painting, drawing and knitting. However, when it comes to creating, the necessary supplies in order to do are not always easy to find. It can be somewhat disappointing. For me personally, I prefer to buy certain thing from a retail store than online because you try feel the fibers of yarn or misjudge the is weight if you can actually hold it, feel it or see for myself. Not to mention, how I cannot always find what I am looking for online, if I did look for it. Knowing this, you can now imagine my joy when a large signage for yarn and fiber store caught my eye. I made a metal note to stop by on the way back home and hope I would not forget; something I often do. But not today! It is this knitter's paradise of yarn, fibers, sample and more…oh my.

 Unlike most stores, the clearance section is extremely easy to find; it is a shelf right inside the door
 While I do own every type of yarn or fiber, I thought I had seen them all until this massive and thick yarn sample caught  my eye. I guess the only way to covey the thickness was to scale it with this pack of double pointed knitting needle that slightly larger in diameter than a number 2 pencil. The thickness of this fiber was that of the color crayon I remember using as a child that came in a box of 8 basic colors of rainbow and about a 1/2" thick in diameter. Are you getting the grasp of how surprising the scale of the thickness of this yarn truly is? 
The inventory is massive and shelves are long and wide. There is even a well lit seating area with natural light and play table for little ones. Such a wonderful yarn store. I have never seen anything like it. If only there is such a thing as yarn lottery to win as any and as much yarn (and other supplies) as my heart content.
Natural light spilling in at your back while lounging and work your project or just perusing a magazine or book in search for a project inspiration looks comfy and inviting. A great interior design choice with a place for little one to play and stay occupied close by
 There are so many well designed and well knit lace shaw and other knit samples throughout the Yarn and Fiber store in Derry. The designs are really catch a person eye like this beautiful pattern. If you could touch, you feel how luxurious and soft the various yarns and fibers are too, you see for yourself how exceptionally nice that are. Even I had to admit that high prices I often cringe at the thought of are justified…a little by feeling them myself but I really do understand why they cost more just sad I cannot afford them

This wall display of what is referred to as hanks of yarn, are pure pleasure to the knitter's eye. 

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