Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ugh! My Mind's Tongue Swells at the thought of having to say it, does your's?

…the word, "Triptych"

I cannot be the only one, who often quote exclamations in another language! Heck, I also verbally turn into the iconic Looney Tune cartoon character, Yosimite Sam, during a random outburst of frustration. This is the mental toilmoil that I experience at the idea of trying to pronounce the word, triptych. 

Daniel Webster dictionary defines the word as, a picture (such as a the paintings above) that has three panels next to each other,  or in this case, aligned vertically. While I have a strong passion for art, the love is lost in saying the title to this form of art. How 'bout you? Do you trip (flip out in frustration), trying to say the word or any other word? 

Any who, this triptych was a class final exam project for my watercolour course last fall. While I hate the word, I do have a passion for watercolor and really enjoy creating with the medium. I plan to do another…err…it's okay, it is only being typed not spoken. I can do this…but not really because spelling it is hard too. Just do it fast like pulling off a bandaid; "Tripych!" Whew! There, it is done…or is it?

Note: I apologize for the weirdness of the last two paragraph. For some odd reason, this particular blog has kink in it and will show the additional text (update) without highlighting the text with a background color. It is not a intentional to look this way but cannot be help. :(

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