Thursday, October 24, 2013

So what do you think we can find today?

What a pleasant surprise to see I have not miss a chance to go to Manchester farmer's Market before season ended while heading to the city library on the same block. It was not just fruit and vegetables that I look at today. Sadly, there was no fruit. However, it was nice to still be able to buy some summer vegetables. But the highlight of the day, at least for my youngest son, Christien and his girlfriend, Lizzy, was when I brought them baked goods from the Blackberry Bakery who store is located in Londonderry, NH. Goodies galore? Click here. I also treated myself to a small loaf of homemade bread. I could not resist myself, it was cutest lil' thing I had ever seen and being small enough to find into the palm of hand, I did not think it would hurt my more health-conscience dietary way of thinking to avoid carbs. I mean come on, just look at the pics below and you will see what I mean. I thought bread only held this shape in illustrations not real life bread loaves! 

Goodies purchase for my sons and their friend will play his first starting college football game

Three cheese bread purchase at the farmer's market looks too good to eat sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar

A wider shot, it is just so darn cute! I swear it is the cutest li' homemade bread loaf  shown still in its wrapping

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