Saturday, October 26, 2013

Who Doesn't Love a Freebie or two!

…but there is only one here; just so ya' know.

But before we get to the freebie, I shall back track to how it came to be...
 It all began with dance of color right outside my window that dance like fire ambers
and on another day swept across the ground and back up into the evening setting sun
 so as I was driving along, I was compelled to pull over and capture some of these golds of amber spread out on the ground...
…golden ambers of light among the fallen leaves.

It was then I got the idea to give a photograph away that taken with the last two photos (not seen here) but is among the photos in my online gallery on artist website Deviant You can see the free wallpaper image with fall foliage theme if you click here (the other link will take you my wall where you can see all of my gallery). Where I am giving away Free wallpaper for fellow DA (Deviant Art) members. But you too can have  this  free download by clicking the "download" button on the Deviant Art page page after clicking the "free wallpaper" link above.  Just my way of saying thanks for reading my blog and to have the beauty that is the fall foliage in New England with you always... even if you do not live here. 
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the best of Estello's Best images on your screen.

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